Uncomfort Rises, Brokenness Falls

Rise with the uncomfort or fall with the broken;
And if you’re going to go through hell, be sure to collect your token.

At the end of fear you will find the beginnings of freedom.
No longer will you grow within the confines of your minds arboretum.

Courage defines the heart that creates.
Just as, working towards a higher purpose ones reflection captivates.

Choose to wage war and the brokenness bleeds,
Or, choose to stand tall and notice how the brokenness concedes.

The choices in life are simple; as most have already been made.
As one will choose what they are comfortable with until they see the charade.

So, again I say, rise with uncomfort – or your soul you will betray;
Rise with uncomfort for there is no other way.

There is a simplicity to life that many cannot comprehend, our lives are like incense burning until the end.

We may choose to be the ash that falls and we can choose to be the mess,
Or we may burn with purpose and honor the process.

May you be giving and bless others with reminiscence and joy;
To bring inspiration for others to employ.

Rise with honor or fall by hopes of grace,
either way we will be forgotten for time will take its place.


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