Souls Ambition

I do not care for changing the world; nor do I care for the definition.

I refuse to live my everyday in petty attempts to show up the competition.

You see, it is our perfect vision that we create our worlds division;

And such blindness will see our world into hopes remission.

I will not play the game and I will not seek permission.

I choose to show up with love and pay the price of admission.

To live life with loves promise; to give and to receive love without greeds opposition.

Unfortunately it seems this view creates its own disposition;

For, a starving world cannot be saved through a life of malnutrition.

In order to write this next chapter I must draft my future editions.

Somewhere between purpose and inhibition – this is where I find my souls ambition.

May you come to realise that you are your craft; and may your take your time to master it.

Your world will change with every choice you make;
You need not venture out to change the worlds of others because it is the way we create our own world that inspires change.

Be the best self you can and do not fear the hurt.
The hurt will come regardless of the good that you do.

Expect hurt and assume strength.


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