Immoral Debut

Exhaustion is not for the weak.Exhaustion shows depth of heart, resilience and character. Forging a path beyond the expectations of others can be exhausting,If your moral compass is set right – press on. If others question your moral fiber without thought to teach you, That is a deduction from their character – not yours. KeepContinue reading “Immoral Debut”

Without Care

Never base your worth off another person’s arrogance. You may not be experienced, you may not know it all, but if you choose to listen to them it is a fail not a fall. Stumble, hurt, feel your way by making mistakes and allowing yourself the grace of compassion. You will find each moment holdsContinue reading “Without Care”

The Whole World Within Her Vision

Within the heart is a resilience that we cannot begin to understand, may you come to see the truth of others without discrediting the truth of your own. This builds on all that we are and creates all that we will become. Strive to find the world within your vision and with fear do notContinue reading “The Whole World Within Her Vision”

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Twisted And Hurled?

Control what you can, control yourself. You are capable of more than you know – make a commitment to yourself and you’ll always grow. Lifes triggers allow for us to show up in a different way – a way that reflects who we are in this current moment. Do not be hard on yourself, acceptContinue reading “Twisted And Hurled?”

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F*** You Cancer

Hearing the words you have cancer is one of the most surreal moments one may experience. There is nothing more terrifying of the unknown and its vices. One thing I’ve come to know as truth, the outcome will never speak to the strength of the fighter. For those reading this and experiencing cancer using everyContinue reading “F*** You Cancer”

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Loves (Per)versions

There is a difference between loving a person and being in-love. I wish that I had more to say on the topic, but all I know is it is near impossible to be in-love with a person who treats you badly. You might choose to stay in the situation because you love them (or forContinue reading “Loves (Per)versions”

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Uncomfort Rises, Brokenness Falls

There is a simplicity to life that many cannot comprehend, our lives are like incense burning until the end. We may choose to be the ash that falls and we can choose to be the mess, Or we may burn with purpose and honor the process. May you be giving and bless others with reminiscenceContinue reading “Uncomfort Rises, Brokenness Falls”

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Souls Ambition

May you come to realise that you are your craft; and may your take your time to master it. Your world will change with every choice you make;You need not venture out to change the worlds of others because it is the way we create our own world that inspires change. Be the best selfContinue reading “Souls Ambition”

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