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Welcome Jollyoddbods, thank you for coming to visit this space in which I have chosen to incubate the words that have come through the quiet moments of my soul.

Although I haven’t always received what I’ve asked for, life has been extremely kind to me. I have daughter who shines light into the hearts of all who meet her, I have experienced immeasurable resilience and created a self that I am proud of.

I have found that focusing on darkness creates space for disorientated motions, I have fallen down many times before and eventually I learned how to turn on my own light and grasp this truth.

No matter what it is that you’re experiencing; heartbreak, medical diagnosis, loss, unjust consequences, isolation (just a few of my personal favourites) someone else has stood on the edge of that same cliff and the chances are that they did not have access to an divine action plan or rule book either!

For many years I turned away from my words, I lost faith in myself and the messages which came from my heart. Perfection has proved to be the fuel of my own angst, now I see that perfection is either an absolute or an illusion, it cannot be both – so it is upto us to live like it is all or nothing.

Don’t teach yourself to dim your light, teach yourself how to become it.

With warmth, love and light,


Mantra of motivation – January 2022

Logic will get you from A to Z;
Imagination will get you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

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