Bravery is what you have until you are called to stand up;
May your criticisms empower you to be enough.

As you fire your arrows and sharpen your stakes,
Your stare ensures that you won’t miss any of my mistakes.

Dishearten the engaged heart and beat it until it is numb;
A weed is just a weed until there’s more than one.

Consideration shows arrogance when it only goes one way;
Without care or concern, feedback fast becomes a lonely game to play.

You sit and you judge the ones that dare to make a stand,
But how dare you criticize when you can’t even raise your hand.

I see you for all you are and all that you represent.
You might mean well, but where is your self-development?

The school of life is my only teacher;
I see you as a lesson and not my preacher.

Get in the arena but do not follow the orders of the crowd – they may wish you favor but they cannot understand what you need in order to survive!

Train with the gladiators and learn from the veterans because once your foot graces the floor of that arena you are on your own.

I wish you strength to overcome and the power to fight.



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