Without Care

You see me for what I can do;
Yet it is clear to me that you see right through.

I avoid your disapproval by voiding who I am,
It’s true, I dodged a bullet when I stepped into this sham.

But if I stay, I will always regret the life that I never lived;
All of the moments left unlived make just as much sense as an ungiven gift.

You fail to see me because you won’t.
And so, I will walk away without care because I don’t.

Never base your worth off another person’s arrogance. You may not be experienced, you may not know it all, but if you choose to listen to them it is a fail not a fall.

Stumble, hurt, feel your way by making mistakes and allowing yourself the grace of compassion. You will find each moment holds value and you need not ration.

See your own value and be willing to teach others how to see it too.


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