Obeying Graces Shadow

My lungs are tight and my eyes are swollen;
The fight to let my one love go has left my world cold and frozen.

Scratches, shivers and broken nails,
Release toxic memories of a time where I chose to fall off the rails.

The darkness of my mind perfectly matches the vision of the blindest of the blind;
Choice has become a long lost fantasy that makes my teeth grind.

I hate you all for seeing the better version of me;
I was all that I wanted and lived without your permission to be.

Your heavens rejoice as my underworld cries,
There is no grace between worlds as there is no justice in allies.

Grace has saved the last piece of its incomplete puzzle,
Now all that is left to do is to force me into a fake smile and a muzzle.

I chose to die long before I left this world;
When I chose to fit in, to comply, to obey and follow the herd.

You are stronger than you know, sometimes our resilience is disguised within our weakness.


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