A Reason Not To Change

I will take you with me and as you concede your value to fight,
You give away your greatest strength for my own pure and twisted delight.

There are things in me to which you are addicted, to which you continuously run back.
Greatly owed to the sickness within, the one that drives you deeper into the black.

The lines and boundaries you placed at my feet were never meant to hold me.
Infact, your rules and empty threats backfired and they caused you to bleed.

The rules you have created give you temporary power, yet, result in the ultimate loss of control.
You cannot get enough of the darkness and each drop of poison takes its sickening toll.

Continuing to clutch to your vision leads you blindly to your end.
Beware fragile one – I will break you down until you bend.

Shame is an illusion that I lost sight of a long time ago;
And I refuse to feel the torment and trauma buried deep down below.

Do not concern yourself with things in which you cannot understand,
Step too heavily into my world and you’ll lose your glorious life to a wasteland.

There is no cure; yet, the remedy you would die to seek.
You have taught me how to treat you – and I only see you as weak.

I will not change for your forgiveness because you’ll forgive me anyway;
For your ‘i’m-perfect’ vision deludes you from my narcissism.

I love you exactly as you are, I will not consider your exchange.
For, you give me exactly what I want – a reason not to change.

Would you bow down and grovel at the feet of a person that chose to kick you?
Decide how you want others to treat you and then teach them.

My beautiful sister sent me this quote last week:
“When you’re not used to being confident, confidence feels like arrogance.
When you’re not used to getting your needs met, prioritising yourself feels selfish.
Your comfort zone is not a good benchmark.”
– Vassilia Binenstock @junocounselling.

Decide now, how do want to be treated? and Do your actions, views and words support your decision?

If we do not know how we wish for others to treat us, we allow for others to make the decision for us. We are the ones who decide how we respond when our needs are not met – if we seek change? then it is on us to be it.

Jollyoddbods, start small, find your power. With each atom we collect, we are one step closer to our element. Lean into the people that can support you and forgive the people who cannot.


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