Salty Heart

I tested the waters and crossed the depths,
to discover a world that cannot be kept.

Over the waters and beyond the seas,
lies a buried treasure that would bring me to my knees.

Blinded to the litter cluttering the once pristine shores,
I believed that the sun that shone through your pores.

The seagulls came and failed to leave and put their squarks to rest.
The breeze got cold and without warmth I found detest.

The blue I found in my own heart
Matched that of the ocean and I need a new start.

I created a love deeper than the ocean.
An endless space; far, wide and open.

But unfortunately for you and yesterdays me,
Loving you is like removing the salt from the sea.

One should only fear drowning if they continue to choose not to learn to swim.
We are not born knowing how to swim – it takes time, thought, physical duress and energy. This concept transfers over to basically everything we do, if we want to improve our interpersonal relationships, our role at work, our lifestyle we need to put in the work.

Unfortunately, there will be times in which we must release people (or our expectation of them). It often feels as though there is a great divide between personal boundaries and expectation of others. Step back, assess the situation and prepare to be wrong. Be curious to the situation and not just continue to validate your own views.

Embrace change within and with out.


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