The Breath Of Life

In the midst of your darkness pray the you are enough,
Do not fear life and follow the path so rough.

Create the light that your soul craves and yet you’ll still see darkness;
And as you take in the darkened breath, hope to see the blessing and exhale duress.

Open your eyes, for each day you are given resuscitation.
Yet in the midst of darkness, your breath holds only hesitation.

Come to know the breath of life, for it might just save your soul;
For you are not lifes prisoner living life out on parole.

May you choose to be conscious to air in which you breathe;
And may the breath of life show you no mercy, for it is up to you to rise through what lies beneath.

There will be times in which we do not feel the water around us because we share the same temperature and the only way to see what your next breath will be is to open your eyes.

Do not panic, for this concept holds no reality – here you can breath underwater but you must accept that it hurts.

Rise above what threatens to drown you and breathe freely.

First, choose to believe you can.


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