Lifes Equation

Lifes equation is an accumulation of sequence, patterns and cycles.
To thrive within lifes formula one must connect to their own principles.

How many times will you go into yourself to avoid your own division?
Explore your vigor and secure your own provision.

This life you own will add in subtractions
And there will be people who divide you by fractions.

To be accountable you must realise the conclusion is one that you create.
Do the hard work and not simply sit back and calculate.

Start to see lifes problems as bigger questions and release the need to solve;
Choose to live beyond the answer and create your own resolve.

Take the time to consider the data before moving forward with the next calculation.
But, remember we are here to experience so close the book and follow your motivation.

Make your time on Earth count and the moments within add up;
For you never know when your lifeforce algorithm will stop.

Do not chase the answer you seek, for that only leads to dead-end frustration.
Instead, may your findings show that you are not the result, you are the equation.

The writing is on the wall, you’re here to experience life and leave this world better than you found it. How you do that it upto you!

Our personality can disrupt the calculation but when we are conscious to the stimulus and the reaction we create the ability to choose.

Let me give you an example, I am often rather compulsive – this often works for me so I do not wish to change this part of my personality. However, I’m noticing that my compulsiveness can have a negative effect too, mainly the way people interpret my actions. By noticing my go-to personality trait I can easier hold restraint or lean into that fearless part of me. Either way, I am the choice – as are you!

The life you lead is an algorithm, a flight pattern if you will. Our tendencies support the world around us. Show kindness without compromise, people will generally show you kindness – if they don’t potentially they do not know kindness in the same way you do. From here you have a choice – be angry, annoyed, frustrated, disappointed, dismissive, defensive, passive, care-less, unchanged….. or you might even show a greater kindness (if you have the energy).

Showing up consistently in the same way creates our algorithm…
Talk negative, you are negative.
Act considerately, you are considerate.
Show compassion, you are compassionate.
Demonstrate resilience, you are resilient.

There is no end to this concept.

You want to become it?
Be it.

May your lifes formula be true and correct to your values


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