The Journey Of Inwardness

Limits are an illusion to capture and incarcerate the weak, until strength is found in the vices of unrelenting darkness.

Loss will hold the victim who chooses his station. The victim will forsake his God and scream that it was he who has been forsaken – for man cannot see his own madness.

To dream in colour, one must first dream; to see in colour, one must first see. Even so, the light will never prevail until we accept blackness.

Move beyond the lines to find the greatest loss has been the time spent obeying a system of impenetrable absurdness.

Intentional movement cannot be without a conscious mind. And so, with strength one must possess to take each step on the painstaking journey of inwardness.

Power, love, respect – whatever it is that you are looking for you will find it within yourself.

There have been times that I have given respect to others until I could feel the beginnings of my own demise – suddenly I became victim to the story I was creating.

I chose to continually give my energy without a fair exchange – that was my choice. But if I wanted to change my world with out, I had to change the world with in.

If you are constantly giving your power/ love/ respect to those around you without receiving any of the same back – be sure you have enough to give.

Continue to step further into your power every day.
Alone you have 100% power – the choice is yours.


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