Internal View

Some say that the stairway to heaven is paved in gold,
Others believe beyond heavens gates you will find treasures untold.

I believe heaven is the world in which we reside,
That we have limitless chances and opportunities to thrive.

Imagine for a moment that you are all that is, all that was and all that ever will be.
How do you choose to see yourself? and in this moment are you free?

You say that I am naive and you call me a dreamer,
But if you cannot even imagine freedom then fear weighs heavy on your demeanor.

You stand on lifes cliff and sing out to the heavens,
Blaming your God for hollow impressions.

But remember it is you who must believe in order to create,
For one cannot heal when their Souls focus is hate.

Take a moment within yourself to see,
To experience freedom one must first be free.

Open your heart and your mind will follow,
Suddenly, by way of miracle, where once the water seemed deep, you now see that it is shallow.

Take a breath, see the doors and dare to step through,
For, every risk is an opportunity with an internal view.

No matter what it is you believe, love is love and requires no reprieve.

Be kind to those who make it tough,
but remember to hold your boundaries – because otherwise it’s rough!

And don’t forget to thank yourself for showing up the way you do,
Without your light the false becomes true.


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