You are dumped!

Your budgie smugglers stole my heart,
A tidal wave of chemistry set us apart.

To think I almost drowned in you,
Every word, every touch I’d surrender to.

I dived into your ocean without seeing the swell,
It wasn’t long before I realised I was surfing straight to hell.

Baby, you’re the storm that eroded my mind,
I hate what I’ve become with you and so, I leave you behind.

Let the seagulls who rule your world flock and feast,
For they already know your inner beast.

You can pretend and build sandcastles all day long,
The truth is they will crumble – unless your ‘need‘ is strong.

Boy, this is the part that has me pumped,
Like waves on the beach – you are dumped!

Be who you are and do not apologise, for without respect a table for two is no prize.

Waves will break upon you, there is no escape.
In your magnificence they will shape you, so don’t sweat the scrape.


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