The Fight Of Life

I walked through those doors and like the drums of war my heart embraced its beat. I am ready to fight the demon within as I step toward the poison of salvation. The gracious flow enters my veins so begins the fight of life. May the drums of war echo and strike fear into theContinue reading “The Fight Of Life”

11. Embrace the flame within

To embrace our experiences and own the path in which you travel is to honor all that you have been; to see all that you are; and to trust all that you will become.One of my favorite mantras is ‘within my power I stand within integrity, act from conscious intention, speak with Love and FearContinue reading “11. Embrace the flame within”

10. The weak become the strong

Strength doesn’t lie within the name, it lies within the moment. Two years ago shaving my head for the Leukemia foundation I felt liberated, strong and confident; empowerment ran through my veins, I was changed from that experience and haven’t looked back. Everywhere I went people would comment and tell me how wonderful I looked,Continue reading “10. The weak become the strong”

9. Cast your shadow

As we walk through life we experience the rawness of duality and what that brings to us. Rarely are we encouraged to embrace the shadow within. Instead, we are encouraged to ‘perform’ for society in a way that ‘satisfies’. Unconsciously, running a race that has no end. Eager to win, to please, we run –Continue reading “9. Cast your shadow”

8. Breaking in silence to find purpose

Within moments of breaking, seeing past the next hour or minute seems impossible. The future doesn’t seem to matter because you can’t see it. Falling from grace kills a piece of you, take your hope and leave nothing in its place, deepening the void. Within this raw state we feel the cut of emotion; although,Continue reading “8. Breaking in silence to find purpose”

7. Truth behind beauty

*To protect privacy, patient names have been changed in this story American author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once wrote ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. I believe this is true. Beauty can only be defined by the one experiencing it’s magnificence.  To me, this quote speaks of external value, how others see us, until theContinue reading “7. Truth behind beauty”

3. Empowerment within the scars of change

As children we see our bodies with curiousity and wonder; at some point this changes and we start to see the world through societies scope. We become obsessed with others. Obsessed with what they can do, what they look like, what they have or haven’t got. Our energy is spent comparing. Our energy is spentContinue reading “3. Empowerment within the scars of change”