Life Is A Puzzle

Life is a puzzle that no-man can comprehend;
Hardship, adversity and objection are all pre-requisites to attend.

Our path is covered by a simplistic view until we learn to listen,
And open our eyes to see the world without fear and its division.

Perplexed and confused by the abstract, as we are given a glimpse of Lifes illusions;
Revealing an inconclusive mindset created by indecisiveness and cryptic delusions.

The clutter in ones mind only allows space for ones own confinement,
As breaking down and second guessing will only stall victories alignment.

Often the mystery we crave reveals the conundrum that we seek,
Although answers are rarely found in dilemmas created by absence of mystique.

And so it is, we must learn to think alone before we can solve this puzzle as one;
For, life is designed to tangle, and we must not come undone.

Each one of us is playing their own version of life,
Resect the other players and learn to respect yourself.

There is no time to waste playing games,
what changes will you make before you run out of health?



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