Pilot Light

I met you for the first time and you told me you were different,

We laughed and talked for hours – you seemed so considerate.

Perhaps you pretended to care, or perhaps part of you is weak.

Although, I am certain there’s a reason you and your children do not speak.

You said she did you dirty, you said that she done you wrong,

But did you really care for her, or did you just play along?

To the weakness in me you threatened to do damage,

However, this Queen has built her fortress within the wild and untame ramage.

I doubted myself for a moment, strengthening myself for life.

Taking a piece of your soul as I walk away, cutting you like a knife.

My mother never taught me much but perhaps she taught me right,

You might be full of gas, but I am not your pilot light.

If they reek of gas, walk away and let them fume.



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