Destination: The Minds Oasis

Forge the wild path where angels fear to tread.
Come to realise the blood you shed has nothing on the war raging inside your head.

Fight the world around you searching for a momentary ally;
Or surrender to their terms – to break and crucify.

Strategy is overwhelming, yet, sitting back is sin.
It seems unless you have blood on your hands there is no chance you can win.

Bleed like a poet or throw your truth away,
Feeling overcome as you beg for a new tomorrow, only to die today.

Passion is lost where insincerity is found;
A place where the voiceless voice is amplified but carries no sound.

Accept the destination is the pain, and dare to stand within it.
Or face displacement and commit to a life of conflict.

There is life within agony as there is death in faceless hiding;
The intrinsic gift is our own freewill – so better get deciding.

Searching to find heaven within the day-to-day of homeostasis,
Will only take you to one destination, the minds oasis.

Only peril can be found on the direct path to the minds oasis, proceed with caution and prepare to turn around.

Much like drinking salt water to rehydrate, death can be sought where hope is found.

Step forward and dare to bleed.


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