Immoral Debut

The air I breathe is heavy, the only song I hear is static;
Ever since the day I learned all existence is dogmatic.

Too tired to be broken, too scared to be numb;
No-one can separate me from the shell I have become.

This game was designed to keep us all here,
Until we decide to go to war with our fear.

By taking away a world of earthly distractions,
Only to discover life is full hollow extractions.

Reality tells us that every hero is a villain in a broken victim’s story,
Condemning all innocence to a dark and lonesome purgatory.

Forging a path doomed for failure and mortal sin,
Hard truths must be swallowed to create a world we can safely drown in.

I can no longer breathe here but I am not sure I want to,
And as each song slowly fades I am thrust towards my immoral debut.

Exhaustion is not for the weak.
Exhaustion shows depth of heart, resilience and character.

Forging a path beyond the expectations of others can be exhausting,
If your moral compass is set right – press on.

If others question your moral fiber without thought to teach you,
That is a deduction from their character – not yours.

Keep your back straight and your thoughts strong.
Perhaps the day you break is the day they lose their power over you.

Only you decide.



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