The Regret Before Me

You asked me if I have any regrets – well, I don’t.
So don’t expect me to think about us because baby, I won’t.

We locked eyes through it all and when I poured my heart out you chose not to say a word; Your voiceless action making it clear of the safety you preferred.

The regret that stands before me is not that of my own,
And reading into spineless hints is a past I’ve long outgrown.

If you have something you would like to say I’d love to hear you speak,
If not, remain silent while I rise within my own mystique.

The regret was mine until I let you go,
And now I see that you became regret because you never let your feelings show.

So now I say, goodbye regret and I hope that you find peace,
And as for the experiences you never lived, you really should release.

May the opportunities that pass you by give you strength and may the time between bring you humility.

Passive detachment is perhaps one of lifes greatest gifts for it enables us to pursue our visions and goals whilst grounding ourselves in what is.

Keep pushing forward, that is where you will find your future.




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