I Am The Victory

Disarmed and alone my imperfections became your target.
A stranger in the darkness – how could you know my freedoms greatest torment?

Shocked by the cold and broken manner in which innocence betrays justice;
In this moment all I know is revenge looks so lustrous.

Substance is not visible when personality is enhanced;
Yet, your world is not worthwhile unless your mind is entranced.

Once I was broken and I could only see myself through my scars,
Only focusing on the disrupted vision behind self-imposed bars.

You were exactly what I needed in order to stand-up and see;
My life is worth living because I choose to be free.

I refuse to throw you a lifeline although I choose to give you my pitty,
It must be dreadful for you to be so heavily discounted by my disability.

As I walk towards my future and away from the torment of my past,
I thank you for the rear-view vision of a world I’ve since surpassed.

Tonight I will sleep because I am the victory.
For in my heart I know for sure, your mind attracts misery.

For years my association with the word disability ate away at my self-worth like a bitterly slow poison, designed to blind my vision to who I am and all I could be.

If this resonates, may you find strength by seeing your own resilience and becoming empowered by your own story.

No-one can discount you, not unless you allow them to.

Rise above and see beyond the shadows that cloud your vision.


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