Angel In Beasts Clothing

Be kind, even when it hurts;
Be strong, let them do their worst.

See through their lies and know that deep down they are simply posing,
it is here you will find compassion for the angel in beasts clothing.

For, they know not what they do and know not who they are,
They care not that before you met them your heart had one less scar.

The rules are consistent with their minds constant change;
Adding chaos and madness to an already broken cage.

Pray that the inside of you will always match the out;
And that the faith within your heart be enough to soothe any doubt.

May you show love to the ones that hurt you – but not be too scared to walk away.
For, the beast does not want you although it begs for you to stay.

As you turn and walk away lift your head with pride,
And know, each step you take heals your own divide.

So, be kind enough to walk away even when it hurts;
Be strong enough to walk away and let them do their worst.

For you are the only one who can save you from the bitterness of loathing;
And you might just save the soul within the angel in beasts clothing.

The hurt we feel is not an excuse to walk away from our values unless we allow it;
We are all human and we are all imperfect – we react, we hurt and make mistakes all in the name of self protection.

Can you separate the human from the beast in your mind?



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