The Whole World Within Her Vision

Her entire world is made up of the visions that she sees;
Anything beyond is mere fantasy only found in dreams.

She knows what she thinks and is content with her creation,
Long has she known freedom beyond self-imposed dividation.

Holding nothing back she holds her head high as she charges in;
For in her heart she knows that she is her own medicine.

Once was a time when she would look out and view the world as others view it;
A past now left behind only to become the undeniable basis of her merit.

Her greatest strength lies in choosing to see what others deny.
To see the broken, the damaged and the incomplete; To release her impulse to de-humify.

She will always challenge in order to see the truth beyond her inhibition;
For she seeks to see the whole world within her vision.

Within the heart is a resilience that we cannot begin to understand, may you come to see the truth of others without discrediting the truth of your own. This builds on all that we are and creates all that we will become.

Strive to find the world within your vision and with fear do not close your eyes.

Be in it, because you are in it.


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