Twisted And Hurled?

The dimensions of ones soul will always and forever be more expansive than an endless black hole; Yet, as divisions begin to unroll it is our minds that seem to lose all control.

Overload descends when too many buttons are pushed;
Forced under pressure by a surge of immeasurable ambush.

The profound is often born after an experience with the unfathomable,
Brought on by a release of ones innermost emergence, once their current space becomes inhabitable.

Lifes force can often be relentless,
And without out resources the hardships seem endless.

The infinite nature of ceaseless events, deters and prevents ones ability to make sense. Regrets pressure seems boundless and the consequences are intense.

See your value and never choose to leave yourself behind;
For there is great honor given to the warrior who can serve within the divide.

Be as you are and choose to change the world;
Or, let it change you and allow yourself to be twisted and hurled.

Control what you can, control yourself.

You are capable of more than you know – make a commitment to yourself and you’ll always grow.

Lifes triggers allow for us to show up in a different way – a way that reflects who we are in this current moment.

Do not be hard on yourself, accept you are here and create a new vision.


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