F*** You Cancer

Your machines pump poison into my veins
so that I may live a life free of fear and pain.

By the grace of God I have been taught to fight.
It is here that my faith is tested as all my demons come to light.

The strength of my body speaks to the magnificence of my mind;
For this wretched illness does not leave me defined.

Invisible rays burn as they penetrate my skin,
Outlining the strength of the soul within.

Through the darkness my soul will always shine,
Although never before has my soul known such deep and broken confine.

Heavy is my body, slow are my thoughts;
Each and every single day my stomach ties in knots.

Yet the path that lays ahead I refuse to forsake,
For underestimating my strength should be my last mistake.

I am here and I am ready,
F*** you cancer, you no longer scare me.

Hearing the words you have cancer is one of the most surreal moments one may experience. There is nothing more terrifying of the unknown and its vices.

One thing I’ve come to know as truth, the outcome will never speak to the strength of the fighter.

For those reading this and experiencing cancer using every ounce of strength that they have to define their journey, those around you will never know what you are experiencing, but instead may see your struggle – and choose to honor it.

You are strong – even on the days without strength.
You are resilient – even on the days which you have had enough.
You are powerful – even on the days in which you have lost all energy.

Embrace the fight in you in the ways you can – and that is all that can be asked.

With love.


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