And So, The Adventure Begins…

Two young women living a life of fun and grace on Ward Street,
One catching the eye of a striking young cowboy – looking tidy and neat.

This young ‘filly’ was beautiful, gentle, smart and funny;
And just the type of woman that could get him down on one knee.

‘And so’ he thought, ‘the adventure begins’
Then off into the sunset he rode away – hoping for nothing but wins.

But this man was determined and he knew all the tricks;
Down to a casual drink and a towel he knew how to transfix.

‘And so’ she thought ‘the adventure begins’
Down came the count replaced by fluttering hearts and cheeky grins.

As their love grew and the fun failed to end,
They made a choice to have their worlds collide – and their lives transcend.

‘And so’ they thought ‘the adventure begins’
For their lives no longer had room for outs – only ins.

Time continued to pass but their adventure was far from over;
And so, the adventure begins for this fair maiden and her drover.

Congratulations K & L!!

Todays the day to celebrate the life you have created together with integrity, trust, consideration and unconditional love.

May you both continue to grow yourselves and each other.

Love you both.


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