Life (And Deaths) Tournament

Life’s tournament fixture inevitably creates clash,
But take caution when betting on this one – for you stand to lose more than cash.

Playing-down ones wager often results in a miserable lifetime of debt,
Winning only the championship title of regret.

Each and every player creates their own inaccessible handicap;
Forming hurdles and obstacles on their own lifes track.

As a player its your job to be ready and get set to go,
But do not forget, you hold the whistle and you choose when to blow.

Without participation your game will never start,
And if you show up without your game, life will surely rip you apart.

One must think that such ravenous play should be disqualified, for it is untame.
But you are not the referee, you are a player and life is its own game.

In life’s colosseum the rules will never be set;
So fight your way out, write your own rules and create your own tournament.

What do want to see in your world? What is your desired end-game?

Create your own rules based on the best self you can be and not the self that you are. Then step into the arena you created and before long you will become that best self.

It is wise not to get too comfortable nor to retire.

For, a time will come when life will again take over your game and it is here where you create the next one.

Decide what your plaque will say beneath your photo on life’s wall of fame.

To achieve to ones desired end-game one must be a game changer.

Let your mind play with that.


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