Pray To Scream

In the morning I wake to find, an interrupted chaos that makes me lose my f***ing mind.

Gritting my teeth and finding hate in a world that worships the mindless grind

To rest in solace I bang my fist, when I really should bang my head.

Choosing to find peace in a place where Angels fear to tread.

Far beyond the reach of Heaven is a battleground where metal is the greatest weapon.

A place where broken demons of oppression rely on the safety of obsession,

To evade the next Armageddon we must rise with an army of expression.

Anthems are war cries calling to the masses for action;

With their power chords electrifying, amping broken remedies into new levels of traction.

Scream at the top of your lungs, scream with all your might;

Drop to your knees and pray dear boy because this is a f***ing riot.

Pray for the suppression and the dehumanisation to end;

Pray that the mindless minds expend.

So supplicate and beg as if your life depends;

Don’t pray to scream politely when the system apprehends.

Rise to the callings that empower you and do not hide from them.

That feeling you get when your in the gym and ‘that song’ comes on, you know the one that makes you feel like taking down the next opponent with a one punch knockout.. or run the treadmill forever – or, at least until the song ends.

That feeling is pure empowerment, come to know it.
For it makes you explosive..

Choose to use this energy in a way that makes you great;
Choose to use this energy in a way that makes you dynamic;
Choose to use this energy in a way that makes you.. unstoppable!

Find this feeling within and strengthen yourself in the world with out.


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