Dodge the bullet

Please note: Although the content below is purely hypothetical it may cause distress.
Discretion is advised.

If you find yourself triggered please seek support.

The guns have been loaded and the children put to bed,
Wounds of a decade are soon the bleed but the tears have already been shed.

You now hold my wrists when once you held my hand.
I can never forgive you for what you’ve done and tonight I’ll make my stand.

I see you there on the couch your face so unsuspecting,
I focus my aim and release in rapid fire – the bullets unrelenting.

What happened next still haunts me to this day;
It takes over my thoughts and dreams – no matter how hard I pray.

Trauma cuts in and twists the deeper I delve;
Into the night I watched you dodge my bullets and turn the gun on yourself.

Our words can be life threatening but we must to adjust our scope to see. It is important to note that we should never take full responsibility for another persons view of themselves or their situation but it is just as important to arm ourselves with the tools required to respond and empower ourselves and in turn the people around us.

There are times I reflect on ways in which I’ve reacted to certain situations and feel the gut wrenching disappointment set in, in most cases my most damaging blows have been aimed at the ones I love the most.

In such situations my intentions may have been on point but my aim was certainly far from the target set in the distance. Sadly, the ones around us are often the ones who take our stray bullets and even with the best of intentions our fire can have a damaging result.

Unlike the bullets that pierce the skin, for a verbal shot to land one has to believe or trust the words or the attacker. When you play with guns bullets will be fired, but do you care enough to see where they land and work on the skills required?

Are you firing bullets or handing out vests?

Be kind with your words, time and energy.


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