The Fighter Within

Raise your fists and do not drop them.
Release your thoughts or be the problem.

You’ve trained for this moment since the day you opened your eyes.
Of course you didn’t know it then, but now you see lifes prize.

For, each hit to the chin that you take,
Creates a thirst that only blood can forsake.

Choose to get up once you’ve been knocked down;
Not because you fear weakness but because you want the crown.

Do not fear your opponents and do not fear the fight.
You both crave to be here and to spark the souls ignite.

The timer sounds but do not pray for the end,
For mental retreat inhibits ones ability to defend.

So now choose the weapons that you will take to ‘the pit’.
Will you choose determination, pride, power, ego or grit?

Decide to win the fight or you will surely lose.
Life is not always fit for chance for it can leave a nasty bruise.

Each day we get up we are training ourselves for an ‘end game’.
Decide what you want your end game to be, how do you want to be remembered?
Do you want to have no responsibility?
Do you want to have people respect you?
Do you want to create a name of power?

When you make decisions about your world, you are raising your personal power.
Be careful though, for your expectations need to align with the choices you make or you risk seeing yourself (or others) as a disappointment.

Train for the opponent your choose to face – this might be a goal, a circumstance, a feeling, a lifestyle, anything. There is little to no use training three times a day, cutting weight and surrendering many of lifes basic pleasures if your opponent trains once a week and doesn’t consider their diet as part of their training regime – and vice versa.

Be clear to get the most out of your challenges and create a hunger for your next opponent…. and, when you recognise that opponent – train hard, fight harder.


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