Cheap Fuel

Our feelings are automatic, although, we should not simply change gear.
For, when we deny our feelings we surrender our right to steer.

Constantly checking the mirrors and taking our eyes off the road,
Is to travel backwards in a reckless and dangerous mode.

A well-oiled machine is as functional as the wheels in which it leans,
If the tyres cannot function the cycle lends itself to extremes.

Turn off the headlights for an exhilarating ride,
But beware the adrenaline may demolish all ability to see inside.

Do not fear to brake for the vehicle will not shatter,
Besides, if you are insured it probably will not matter.

The human race has been given the tools to reach the end,
But at high speeds we risk jeopardy at every bend.

Do not drive using cheap fuel,
For when it all breaks down you will look the fool.

There will be times throughout our lives in which we lose control or fall victim to another persons negligence. At the end of the day we are the ones who make the decision – do we write ourselves off? or, do we write off the situation?

In my own life I have come to find that one must crash, run off the road or have their keys stolen in order to cherish and have a deeper respect for their next ride.


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