Follow the path until it betrays,
Lose the trail and find yourself inside this lonely maze.

Your thirst heightens and your madness peaks,
You’ve barely reached the summit but reality speaks.

The choices before you may be grim but they signify survival,
Will you turn back the way you’ve come or emphasize denial?

Every moment amplified by the suns intense rays;
Hope burns away quickly in a unrelentless blaze.

Your feet drag as you stumble over the weight of your choices.
Your lips quiver as you beg for grace from your self imposed vices.

Delirious and dazed, time no longer exists.
But still, hours pass by and meaning resists.

Suddenly you meet an Angel on your track,
It turns out that when you called for help God answered back.

Salvation is barely recognised on the path of least resistance;
But to know how far you can go one must first travel the distance.

So, step onto lifes path and engage with all experiences.
For the summit may be an illusion with all of lifes interferences.

Let each step prove that you can,
or, let each failure prove that you can’t.
The choice is yours.

Lifes greatest muse is often found within hardship, scarcity and fear. The inspiration you draw is for you to use. Please do not sit back and expect for life to happen to/for you – you have to make it happen!

Be prepared for the trek ahead, for a novice should never rely on the mountain for water.

Be willing to put in the work, nothing worthwhile comes easily. The path will be dusty, slippery, sharp, and there may be dangers that cannot be seen. You must decide, is the summit worth it?

Be clear on who you are as well as your values and be willing to see things from another point of view… AND YOU’RE READY!

The summit may indeed be unattainable so take in the beauty of your surroundings and be willing to admit defeat if resources are low. For you will be back and your experience will see you further.

If you want to make it to the top you will experience pain, sweat, fear and many other uncomfortable experiences. Making it through these experiences is exactly why you will reach the summit.

Never give up on a personal goal that is worth your energy.


I’d like to take a moment to thank my incredible friend Sam who supported me through an adventure that became rather scary and a stranger named Andrew who I’m calling my New Years Day Trail Angel. All proof that I’m never alone.

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