It feels as though I am experiencing every emotion, yet feeling none.
Every ounce of hope I had, has left me feeling numb.

I’ve spent my life completing a sentence that I have been told to withstand.
The storm that wells inside of me, I am trying my best to understand.

The moments in darkness in which I close my eyes,
Are the moments in which I am happiest. For, I do not see demise.

Disheartened by the ever-long chain of manipulation,
The honesty within screams to see but one moment of gracious intention.

My soul hates to know that currency knows no value;
Yet, I see it spent so freely – all in the name of virtue.

I am so broken and know not what I believe;
Some pieces are completely lost and I cannot retrieve.

I hold hope to see the rise of the madness become the fall;
To find the centre in this chaos and withstand it all.

Until such time, in which my intrusions of reality become my muse,
I will hide my soul from their constant abuse.

I was born to love but I’ve been taught to hate;
This world has injected me with just enough poison to leave me sedate.

May you find the strength to dig deep and fight the spell of sedation as it injects into your world as you see it.


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