The Darkness We Create

Kindness is often lost in a world of deprivation and despair;
Warped and misplaced in the minds of the broken, whilst their numbing reality continues to tear.

We have created a world in which games are necessary to survive;
We have created a world in which the broken with power thrive.

The difference between cynics and realists is inexplicably lost,
For the first time in a long time the battle has ended – but at an immeasurable cost.

The currency is forgiveness though mostly counterfeit;
Leaving the honest poorer and the liars to profit.

The soul and career no longer working in tandem;
Professional angst becoming the pillars on which we stand on.

The love-less search for love inflicting pain along the way,
Using their own emptiness as space to determine which game they will play.

The young aspire to convenience and exhaust in sports of pride,
For they are not taught how to honor themselves nor the soul inside.

Greatness is expected through marvellous acts of nothing,
A poor perspective that invites ruin and lacking.

Denying Gods gifts we choose not to stop and see,
We create the life before us by becoming the self we choose to be.

Take a moment to think about what it is that you are creating regardless of the madness, chaos and manipulative nature of the world around you.

Be strong, for there will be countless times in which the road of kind intentions will bring you immeasurable pain – if only emotional.

The world we live is broken if you choose it to be so – we must not get caught in becoming the victim, the persecutor, nor the rescuer.
Become the creator you were born to be. Choose to bring compassion to the inconsiderate; Choose to show kindness to those who judge us; Choose to love those who do not know how to love themselves and therefore can only show that of the same.

Showing up in this way is the most difficult thing that we can do. It hurts when we get it right and guilt eats us when we get it wrong.

Reflect on the world you create in the moments of your day, for it is time and intention changes worlds.


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