Abandonment never leaves

Bright eyes glisten as the screams drove you away.
Lost, alone and confused I became my own minds prey.

The day you left and never came back,
I abandoned myself and my heart turned black.

Since that moment, the issue I find
is each and every day you show up in my troubled mind.

I might as well accept what I know deep down,
When you left, I abandoned myself and slowly I began to drown.

Recently I have come to find that everytime I put the needs of others before my own I am abandoning myself – As an independent and strong woman you can imagine the horror I felt when my trusted coach kindly pointed this out to me.

The truth is, by aligning our contentment with conditions we are limiting ourselves. Statements such as “I’ll be okay if….” or “When ….. is over it’ll be okay” take our power, even if in short measurement. We are okay in the space we are in, if your lost – be it; if you are angry – feel it; if you are broken – know it.

We cannot change that in which we are running from, when we run from our emotions we are giving power to them. This is self defeating.

My work now is going to be learning to offer from my uniqueness, taking myself beyond the confines of codependency. I need not save anyone from feeling their abandonment until I can save myself from my own.

Do the work your strong and fabulous humans!


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