Choose love, choose pain.

Love is the only this that can break a heart,
Love exposes the soul like masterful abstract art.

A heart without love has already been broken,
With some hearts making the decision to overdose and never be awoken.

Cycles and cynics create that of the same,
For some choose only to reside in the midst of their pain.

The mind is diseased when it ignores the hearts hurt.
Battles of head and heart rage whist the soul is torn apart.

To claim new love and not move on,
Is to damn ones heart to its own demons.

Heartbreak and shadows lurk everyday,
For our heart to survive we must think before we play.

To love is to hurt and so I wish you healing along lifes path.

May you show up with compassion and respect to those around you – not just those who deserve it. By judging others and their worthiness for basic human interactions then we are being judgmental.

Today, lift your head and say hello without fear. You need not bring defense or judgments unless you choose to engage further. From there, the rest is your lesson.


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