Objectify yourself

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is that you would be
If you were an object, what would others see?

Depth is found in every shallow and every thing has meaning,
Get creative with your thoughts but do not be demeaning.

If I were an object, I would be a simple bar of soap;
A life of temporary nature with no choice but to cope.

My purpose would far exceed the credit in which I am given.
Yet, I know my purpose is to simply be and would need no recognition.

People who use me cannot take my energy but will certainly take my time,
With every scrub and every rinse I get further from my prime.

Once my time has passed and the last of me has slipped down the drain,
The water water in which my soul has touched will rise and fall like rain.

Now give yourself a moment to let yourself be free,
If you were an object what would others see?

May you cleanse those around you through love and sacrifice of pride,
leave this world cleaner than you found it and may you never create the divide.


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