Freedoms Torment

Spirit was never made to be broken;
Embrace the challenge to seek the healing in order to be awoken.

Ego has certainly taught you well,
Showing you pride for its purpose. Even so, it is us who create our own version of hell.

Screams bellow from an underworld created by demons of the mind,
Refusing to release their intentions the truth remains undefined.

Countless sacrifices have been ripped away through smoke and mirrors,
Leaving the lost to fall to their knees whilst praying that their God delivers.

It takes courage to notice let alone read the writing on the wall;
And so, are you willing to ignore egos call?

Only then may you release your triggers caused by the stain on the world around you,
But until that day comes the pain and bitterness will accrue.

Open your eyes and do not be afraid to see;
For the torment you feel only wishes for you to be free.

Todays thought might seem difficult to follow but please bear with me.
In my experience we innately we feel pulled towards empty situations and those who do not seem to care. Pulling my own tendencies apart I wonder if this is driven by wanting more, wanting to see change but choosing not to become it.

Somewhere on the path of self discovery there will be openings and entrapments, all of which create space for self love. Walk the path, be open to opportunities because you want and deserve them, not because you ‘need’ them.

Find love within yourself – you need nothing else.

For some of us self love is new and feels weird/ selfish/ uncomfortable, ETC.
Stay with it and learn to stand strong in what you find. For it is you and you need not apologise.

May you find what it is you need within you today.


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