10 minutes

10 minutes and you will show me who you really are;
yet, I can choose to ignore the clues and willingly lower the bar.

Time is of the essence and there is no time for games.
One is a liar when they preach respect and call those without use names.

If space is only created for your own growth and benefit,
There’s no room for me in your world, for you are too prevalent.

People are not objects; People are not things;
But sadly when the only value we see is external, people are no longer human beings.

Shame and guilt can be a prison of demise;
but if you are not willing to do the hard work your promises will all be lies.

Extinguishing dreams is not a just cause for a lullabye;
In fact, the trail of hurt I see as you brag and boast gifts me one last word to you – goodbye.

Speak. Open your mouth and let the words come,
For the truth cannot be hidden from the wise by the dumb.

For actions speak louder than words, just as passion amplifies action;
I will not choose to be victim to false hope or manipulation.

I want to see hearts on fire, engulfed in flames and passion,
just as I ache to meet souls who give love freely and choose not to ration.

Those who dare to see the world without egos compromise,
To find these warriors I must be willing to see reality, and so I will not cover my eyes.

10 minutes and I will see if you are worth more of my energy;
For I do not suffer fools that come and go as they please.

Another 10 and I might want you to stay,
But if you fail to see my worth I will turn and walk away.

Each moment we are gifted is an opportunity to be – the what is of our choosing.

How do you want to be remembered?
How do you want to show up for others – and more importantly yourself?

Set yourself up to be the best self you can, know your morals and understand your values. Each time you ‘stuff up’ use it; not as an excuse to fail but to empower.

Here are my wishes for you:
– May you never despise your gift of time because you cannot see the opportunities within it
– May you never sell yourself short because you know you are worthy of time.
– May time be your savior and not you demon.
– May time become your wisdom gifting you power, hope and vision.


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