From the inside

Give a little light to your brother;
Give a little love to your mother.

The time has come for you to lower your defenses;
Crush and crumble each memory that tenses.

Let go of the trauma of a long forgotten home,
Because deep down you are better off alone.

Let go of the haunts and pressure,
The past can no longer reach you with its terror.

You turned your back, you swallowed your pride;
Little did you expect to be eaten from the inside.

We choose when we have had enough,
yet, it all amounts to trauma if we don’t let go with love.

Trauma is relative to our own experiences – another person can add the value of perspective to a situation but ultimately we are the ones who decide what to do with that trauma.

In my experience, the past isn’t something I lose sleep over, it is not something I even think about. Yet, I experience that trauma every time I say no to an experience or shy away from something that I want to go for – these actions tell me that I am not enough. I work hard on challenging these messages as often as I can and yes, I get hurt, I allow myself to be used, I fall (sometimes fail); but this in itself is life and it gives me purpose.

I am sending each and every one of you love, light and vision to see through the rough moments that come – may you thrive in your resilience and do so with compassion and grace.


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