Provisional Love

Lost is the moment when I said that I cared.
Expired are the promises when I said I’ll be there.

Your heart is forsaken and your soul is in exile;
And I can’t ignore the pathetic look on your face that screams of pure denial.

I briefly created a space for you in my vision.
Although, the truth is this love was always in provision.

I never needed this to last,
For, there is power in your tears – so hard and fast.

Baby, I am an addict pure and simple;
Why would I stay when I only wanted a sample?

You have hurt, you have been hurt and each day moving forward you risk the same. Be clear on your intentions, with in and so with out – smokescreens fade and leave a trail of poison that cannot be repossessed.

See yourself as you are, in time rise above to see others as they are and do not seek to change them. This is where humanity is found.

Be open, honest and may you never forsake yourself for temporary enjoyment of another.


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