This was a love turned cold with pride,
Hollow stares and angry words formed our disastrous divide.

I’m not sure I ever love you but God knows I tried.
I got used to defending you against the world whilst you would run and hide.

How did I not see that your lips were laced with cyanide?
A fake, a phony – now artificially certified.

Each day I would tread on eggshells to avoid the landslide,
choosing to play by the your rules my anger intensified.

I’ve prayed for your safety and I’ve wished for your demise.
It is only now you are dead to me that I am satisfied.

Somewhere in this dreaded darkness my heart emulsified –
I know I never loved you; but now, love leaves me stupefied.

Resilience is found in the centre of chaos.

Darkness will try disguise your progress, so shine brightly and focus on what is gives you energy.


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