Conditions and contradictions

Beyond your smile I could not see,
Sooner or later, we were bound to break this publicly.

You lost faith in my determination,
All I could see was your deterioration.

Life was always simple until I had you in it,
I hated who I was with you – a shell, with no mind and spirit.

I lied against the truth was on my lips,
The night I said this was ours to fix.

Choosing to stay with you was the easy-hardest option,
And my heart changed with each unhealthy eruption.

For each and every moment that I gave you my respect,
I hated myself within introspect.

Your world came with invisible conditions;
To love you was to hate myself and I am not your walking contradiction.

Our mistakes should be seen as commitment to our future opportunities.

Blindsided blows do not state that we were naïve, in-fact they speak of trust, faith and hope. There will be time when we compromise ourselves for others, when this time comes – may the risk be worth it.


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