The Rose In My Heart

One year went by, then ten, then twenty.
The moment I lost you Nan my world was filled with empty.

You taught me to be loving, you taught me to be kind;
And showed me a world bigger than myself – bigger than ego and pride.

I begged and pleaded with the Lord to trade your place with mine,
but He had other plans for you beyond heavens great divide.

Earth lost an Angel the night you closed your eyes;
Yet, all in Heaven rejoiced as your Soul began to rise.

I never said goodbye because I simply didn’t have the words;
Still, in this moment I feel you here and goodbye no longer hurts.

The Rose in my heart never lost her thorns,
Her beauty and strength still to this day carries me through my storms.

Honor the people who dare to show up in our worlds as light;
Often the great are humble and they will not speak of their fight.

As for you today, be the light for another, as light knows no threat;
For love is the language you’ll never learn to regret.


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