The Fight Of Life

I walked through those doors and like the drums of war my heart embraced its beat.

I am ready to fight the demon within as I step toward the poison of salvation.

The gracious flow enters my veins so begins the fight of life.

May the drums of war echo and strike fear into the heart of the soul-less enemy within.

“Never be ashamed of the life that’s given to you, for your energy is best spent creating the life that comes next.”

You are the hope, no matter what you face there’s always a tomorrow for you to embrace.


2 thoughts on “The Fight Of Life

  1. What an amazing journey you have completed. As that journey ends, grasp all you have learnt and embrace the next chapter. Keep filling the pages with your wisdom, love and empowerment. You are truly beautiful šŸ˜ ā¤

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    1. You are a truly beautiful woman Charmaine and I’m grateful we have stepped through this experience together with our heads raised high and hearts beating strong. Love you beautiful. šŸ’œšŸ™


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