11. Embrace the flame within

To embrace our experiences and own the path in which you travel is to honor all that you have been; to see all that you are; and to trust all that you will become.
One of my favorite mantras is ‘within my power I stand within integrity, act from conscious intention, speak with Love and Fear nothing’.

Continue with the knowing of the unknown

There are times where the power within becomes tied up in conflict, and the light from within us dims. And so, any light shining on the path only adds burden as it holds us in our confusion. We so often assume that we are to master our feelings, that somehow we can create an environment in which we can become one with the feelings of our design.  What if we stopped designing and started feeling? Really use our feelings to awaken the power within.

There are times in which we are called to fall; to feel the ridicule, judgement and blame placed on all the discouraging aspects of this perceived ‘failure’. If we stop for one moment and ask ourselves to lean into the opportunities that arise from the internal shift of growth. Within my truth, there is no such thing as failure unless you choose it to be so. The human condition tells us that we are not immune from feelings of hurt, unease, anxiety, frustration, defeat, unworthiness, and the other countless emotions we choose to disassociate ourselves with. As we grow through these feelings and start to view them as necessary facets, you’ll begin to understand that these feelings are nothing more than an indicator of the growth process.

American author and advocate Jen Hatmaker proclaimed ‘There is always a cost when lies are spoken or truth is withheld’ when being interviewed on the Unlocking Us podcast with Brenee Brown. Think about that, what is it that dishonesty costs? And who will wear the cost? – What is the cost when we lie to ourselves? In truth the price is primarily our power and the effects of that ripple through our world.

A soul can not be reconciled if the balance is unknown

One of the hardest lessons that I have experienced in my lifetime has been to honor myself, to grasp the concept of time and to respect it for what it is – a gift. We are wrong in assuming that we are guaranteed more than the sacred breath within our lungs at this very moment, for each breath is a chance to commit to our best self – and in so, accept that we may never see the ‘outcome’ of the commitment we make to self.  

We can learn much about the lessons we are to embody and grow through by being conscious to what reoccurs in our life. Throughout this life we learn many self-destructive habits and behaviors that we circle back to time and time again, until we become conscious and use our intention to bring forward change.

When I first learned of the Cancer growing within my body in December 2019 I was eerily calm, the world around me seemed to take the news heavier than I did. Prior to this news I had been consciously enlightened to the sheer amount of energy I was giving away and after reaching a point of exhaustion, taking my life back from those around me was a cause worth my energy. Through moments of sheer grit and immense empowerment I reached a place in which I was content; I was learning to place my faith in both myself, the process of life and God. When I received the diagnosis of breast cancer I was unexplainably calm, I felt purpose behind it all. God had given me my greatest challenge. To be the calm in the chaos; To speak Love without expectation – I was not going to fail.

If the creator is calling me in, then it is my time – simple. This hardened faith and trust guiding me was my blessing, however our world is one of duality and in so I began to feel the cracks within blind faith.  Days went by and I was living a perception of acceptance without reason, my mind kept wandering back to ‘big picture’ and ill-fated thoughts. These thoughts are dangerous – I was scared. Scared to leave behind Darcy and her beautiful soul. Will Darce be blessed with someone who can look deep within her soul and offer her supportive guidance with wisdom, understanding and Love while allowing space for her to grow into the soul she is within? The consciousness to the thoughts plaguing my mind ignited something deep within me and for the first time in a long time, I had been lit.
I felt confused, I didn’t want to leave behind my life but I was willing to give it away freely – it was here that I realised that I had taken my power from Man and given it to God. For the first time during this experience I dared to question: this is the process, but what about what I want?

In time and reverence one sees that a footprint is merely a minor feature within the sands of glory.

A walk on the beach, saw me contemplating the footprints in the sand and their temporary nature. And for the first time in my life I spoke the words “I want to be here” and I meant them, I then asked God for support in staying. That was the day I decided that this life is my own; I owe everything to our Creator and will make the conscious decision to choose Love over Fear, and in so honor the life that I have been given to lead.

Focus on the within, not on the without.

Power cannot be embraced and recognised if we avoid our discomfort. Resilience is brought out by the situations around us, we do not gain further attributes through our experiences because they are already within us – through our trials and tribulations we are gifted the opportunity to be that of within, allowing us to connect with our true-self and simmer out the dilution of life.

Be what you are called to be. Feel the energy pulsing through your veins guiding you towards all you are becoming and all that you are meant to be – know that your life is your own, choose it and honor it for the gift that it is. Refrain from judging the current outcome or future projections, instead feel the moments in which we are driven by practiced consciousness and in so the surge of humility, belonging and fulfilment we’ve been guided to feel. Within each one of us is greatness, this greatness manifests differently within each of us – recognise your own greatness and you will recognise yourself.

Thank you for reading, I am grateful to be able to share a piece of my soul with you. Sending you Love and Light – always.



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