8. Breaking in silence to find purpose

Within moments of breaking, seeing past the next hour or minute seems impossible. The future doesn’t seem to matter because you can’t see it. Falling from grace kills a piece of you, take your hope and leave nothing in its place, deepening the void. Within this raw state we feel the cut of emotion; although, it is that same cut that allows us to reach deeply.

By experiencing the cuts of life as they are and allowing ourselves to Trust our inner guidance without condemning ourselves to beliefs that we’ve cleverly adapted to keep us safe, we can honour all feelings we carry and rise within empowerment. It is within this space that we feel our power and acknowledge our true inner strength. It doesn’t matter how you break, judging yourself for being as you are only disengages you from being present and amplifies what is. Make a commitment to Love yourself and honour the person you are now. You are as you are meant to be; keeping in your mind we are designed to grow into who we are meant to become. To understand open your heart and mind and disengage from the stories of past present and future within your mind. Trust yourself.

Life is a beautiful mess and to see this we must stop seeing questions as problems to solve. For power isn’t found within solutions, power is embraced when we ask the questions and open our heart and minds to the answer. You are the only one is this world who knows your truth, if you’re willing hold space for it. Consider this concept:

Live a life of balance and prosperity during times of chaos.  

This small statement will be interpreted based on your Truth.
How you perceive balance, is it order? perfection? understanding?
How you perceive prosperity, is it power? wisdom? having enough?
How you perceive chaos, is it change? restriction? bombardment of information?

Bring yourself into clarity and you will find your power; there is no one in this world without it.
We cannot get that ‘ah-ha’ moment or true understanding from others, for those moments we are in our wisdom. Listen and keep your heart and mind open but take what you need for you and trust that you know instinctively what that is. We are human and we get things ‘wrong’ and we feel the ‘consequences’ but in my Truth the fall is to be embraced, for I have spent too many years running from myself and my truth for fear of inner failure and faults.
Until 2017 my life was spent running from darkness, the faster I ran the more I believed that my heart itself was dark. The moment in my life where I made the conscious decision to stop running and face ‘my darkness’ was the moment in which I began moving toward a place of power. There were moments in time that I hated myself and forgiveness and Love was something I felt I didn’t deserve; there were moments I actually believed that any Love I received was pity or for the other persons benefit. During these moments waking up was a burden and the heaviness ruled my life. I know this drew me closer to my power and I feel we all have the same power inside with different paths to unleash it.

What I have learned from the darkness that consumed me is: wisdom cannot be gained through the eyes of the blind, and it cannot be heard through the ears of the deaf, just as it cannot be felt through a heart restricted from emotion.

Every-time a piece of me died it wasn’t the fall that killed that piece, I feel it was losing hope and having ‘nothing’ in which I could see through, an illusion caused by grief. Keeping me going was knowing the person reflected in my heart, in my heart I felt ‘good’ and somehow knew this was Truth. The confusion that is created by head vs. heart isn’t something that is seen until the transformation from present to past is complete.

Looking back I celebrate time of being alone, teary, emotional, self-loathing, angry. As they were all tools that taught me about the person I was, and equally the person I wasn’t. Each fall brings new layers of awareness. Every day working towards Truth; to understand, be, and expand it. Is an honour as it is proof that we are alive and connected to more than just ourselves.

Right now, it seems like the world around us is ‘breaking’ and we are grieving our lives as we knew them to be. As a vulnerable heart, I open to you in the hope that you take strength and step into what you need to get through this moment. No-one needs us to be anything other than ourselves within our conscious mind, from this mind mistakes made will be witnessed and this may make us want to run; remember it is facing our darkness with consciousness that grows us into the power that is ours.

Step into the space that beckons within and allow others to do the same. Wisdom brings forth the knowing that there are no solutions, only options. Too many times do we hear ourselves say ‘I should be right’ or ‘I just need to….’, these words lay empty on our lips because we feel them to be untrue; action that stems from these words will usually lack momentum.
Learn what brings your strength by sitting in what it is that takes it from you. Your purpose is greater than you know and you hold the key to defining and living the success that is yours.

Mahatma Ghandi said “be the change you want to see in the world”.
If you want kindness, start by being kind to yourself.
If you want unity, start by removing your judgement of self.
If you want integrity, start by standing within your Truths.

Whatever it is you’re to bring to this world you will hold value, standing within your power you will not only step into greater awareness but you will light the hearts of those around you.
The only way to change the heart and minds of others is to be ourselves and remove judgement from them; they have their own path and lessons. If you see a need and you can give, be your own commitment to benevolence.

Beautiful souls, Thank you for your open hearts and open minds. It is us who stand as we are with strength and intention who will inspire further greatness, understanding and Love. For, we ever have two choices Love and Fear. What is your Truth and are you living it? Love all that you are, forever and always. To the people who have subscribed, commented, shared and sent through messages of Love and Light thank you; you inspire me more than you know and at this point more than I can express.

Sending you balance, understanding, Love and Light.



One thought on “8. Breaking in silence to find purpose

  1. Joanne, you are stronger than you think, and you manage to inspire the people around you, by just being your beautiful self.
    Best wishes to you and Darcy for a unique Easter. ❤️
    Stay safe.


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