7. Truth behind beauty

*To protect privacy, patient names have been changed in this story

American author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once wrote ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

I believe this is true. Beauty can only be defined by the one experiencing it’s magnificence.  To me, this quote speaks of external value, how others see us, until the day we realise that we are the beholder.

The word beauty has been weighted down with insignificant and shallow ideals that we fail to recognise what truly makes us beautiful.  To me, beauty is that sparkle of confidence and knowing that radiates from a place unseen.  The phenomenon of True beauty, takes ones breath away when unshielded by belief.

Earlier this week, I attended a Look Good Feel Better workshop. After the feelings of anxiety and frustration I had experienced over the weekend, I was slightly hesitant to attend, I felt as though I was too mentally exhausted to bring any kind of value to the group. Once again, the bar of expectation was waiving the Truth of my reality; for all that the world really needs is for me to ‘show up’ and be as I am.

With appointments either side of this workshop this was always going to be a coffee and toasted sandwich kind of morning. On the short walk from the car to the cafe I experienced immense anxiety, something I haven’t experienced in a long while until recently. This walk of 300 metres seemed endless and when I got there I was so fuzzy and war drawn that I found difficulty finding the strong, independent and flowing soul that I am. Instead, I noticed myself being apologetic, removed and sheepish. Once I got what I came for, I stepped back onto the street and back into the panic and dread.

With the first appointment over and time to kill, I decided to take full advantage of the perfectly placed bench, sit in the magnificent morning sun and read. I get out of the car and start walking, one foot in front of the other, straight past the bench, through the hospital doors and into the well-being room.

I looked back, the wonderfully lit bench was now too far away for the energy I was willing to expel, I laughed to myself, sat quietly and put my mind into the words and wisdom of Paul Coelho.

As the women began to arrive I wondered about them, their stories and the experience they’ve drawn from. What ties us together?  Yes, we all are battling a disease, but deeper than that.

The ladies from the Look Good Feel Better Foundation had presented us with individual workstations complete with face cleansing wipes, moisturiser, concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and a few glorious brushes. We were informed as we took our seats that the products in front of us were ours to keep as they had been kindly donated.

The LGFB ladies introduced themselves, the organisation for which they volunteer and shared their knowledge product by product, giving us insightful tips and tricks.

The atmosphere was light and a space for morning tea allowed for us to connect, for me I was blessed to meet two women in particular. Their Cancer stories had similar aspects to mine, meeting them and hearing about their experiences have given me an element of comfort. I’ve always known that I’m not alone in this experience, however attending this event and meeting and speaking with these women I feel like I’m not alone.

   From the limited time with these women, I feel as though we are tied by more than mere circumstance. There is an unspoken understanding that comes from the fear and uncertainty of the future. We continue our way forward with the knowing that when this is over we will stand taller and shine brighter than we ever have before. The call for strength has come and we’ve chosen to fight.

As the morning continued on, wigs and hair accessories joined the party. It would be fair to say that each one of us were surprised how realistic the wigs looked.                                                                          The lovely model Zarli, was one of the Women I’d been speaking to earlier and had admired for her strength, courage and Trust in faith. It was interesting to see her appearance changing, but there was something greater than that of which you could see. Zarli had a renewed sense of vision and her True beauty shone through.

Make-up, wigs and clothing might be the spark but we are the explosion. Once ignited we cannot be affected by mere sparks, we are powerful within our own right and we know it.

It is up to each of us to define the Truths of beauty, and be that for the world to see.

Beautiful souls, thank you for your continuous support. I am blessed to have such warmth, kindness and Love in my life.  Be well and be your own commitment to True beauty, however that looks for you.   Inspire the world around you by being authentic to you.

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Sending you love and light,



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