5. Be the fool

Falling from grace holds us in a position of questioning and realisation, if we chose it to be so. The Truth is, we only have now. We are promised nothing other than the present moment we are in, and that is our blessing. 

One of the greatest challenges we can experience is allowing ourselves the kindness to flow with the stream. To let go of what we know of life as it stands and progress into the seemingly unknown with Trust and Faith.

Seasons pass and within them lessons, labels and attachments. We become what we hold onto. Sometimes to get through, we must detoxify and simplify my life.

Holding onto resentful or idealistic views of our past self will hold us in a pattern of negativity; it is not the negativity that threatens, it is the pattern.

The bars that are set, are dangerous when they’re set too high. They speak of an insinuation that we are not good enough in the first instance, that we must change.

We see the gap and fear the leap, why?

Because we are drawn to safety. We undermine ourselves constantly and often refuse to fall.
Refusing the fall is refusing the jump and leaves us in a space where passion, growth, and power are comprised.

Transformation is a magnificent phenomenon.
Change is a greatness that we are born to embody.

Grow further into your greatness, not because you are fearful of what will happen if you don’t but for the excitement of what happens if you do.

Be powerful. Be courageous. Be inspired.



Be the fool the risk is worth knowing who you are

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