4. Hair we go

Empowerment is a product of choice. We have a knowing and understanding that we are safe.
Every single one of us is entitled to empowerment, choice and safety.
Cancer and it’s treatment dictates. We are told what it is we must endure in order to ‘win’ or gain ‘victory’.

Choice is power. Choice is freedom. Choice is our right.
From the moment one hears the words “you have Cancer” a battle begins.
Not only are we physically battling a disease that strikes fear into the souls of most. We are fighting for our basic human right, choice.

We are not defined by any illness that plagues us. Not once in this life are we guaranteed that our time here will extend past the moment we are in.
Moments we are given enforce our right to thrive, feel empowered and act within our integrity.

Many brave, strong, courageous people have fought Cancer. The lucky ones have their own story to tell; for others, their endurance and strength will be present within the memories of their loved ones.

All of the people touched by Cancer to which I have spoken, have never used ‘choice’ to be a descriptive word of their experience.

For me, chemotherapy begins February 2020.
I refuse to lose myself during this time. I will make decisions and take any opportunity for ownership. I owe that to myself and the people around me.

Chemotherapy will try to take my beauty. It can take my hair, but it cannot touch who I am.
I am kind, I am strong, I am fearless, I am balanced, I am Integral, I am authentic.

I am beautiful.

On the 3rd of February I choose to honour and celebrate choice within this experience by shaving my head and embracing all that I am.
An incredibly close group of friends and family will join me for this event. A video will be posted on the Jollyoddbod Facebook page for those who wish to further engage with this commitment.

I ask that this message be shared allowing it to touch the hearts and minds of those in need of such vulnerable and inspirational words.

Forever be you, as you are.

Jollyoddbod. X

4 thoughts on “4. Hair we go

  1. Your physical beauty has nothing on your inner beauty Jo. Much love to you Jojo and so sorry I can’t physically be with you during this time.


  2. Dear dear one. Your beauty is so beyond all the realms that NOTHING will ever touch the beauty of you. This is the first I knew that this challenge was what life was taking you through at this time. I want you to know that I offer myself as help to you in any capacity that I can at this time. I will send you an email and I would like you to call on me if I can assist you in anyway. I am about to have my 88th operation (mid march) and so please know that I have an understanding of your current situation. More love that you can fathom
    love always
    Susan Macauley


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